Augusta Precious Metals sells gold IRAs.

Augusta Precious Metals, providers of the Augusta Gold IRA, passed my test.

For the past year, I’ve been working with an exceptional client in the gold IRA investments market: Augusta Precious Metals. When I was first introduced to this innovative and energetic company, I had no idea who they were and I had to ask myself if I really wanted to work for them. It’s a question every independent writer should ask before accepting a client. If you are a marketer looking for a writer, don’t be offended by the asking. It’s in everyone’s best interests to make a good match.

A fellow writer had referred me to Augusta Precious Metals, because he was unable to provide the service they needed. Before accepting an assignment, because neither one of us knew much about them, I really did my homework.

Of course, I googled “Augusta Precious Metals” and combed through reviews from real gold IRA customers. Then, I called the company and pretended to be a gold IRA client. Over the course of the last year, I have asked lots of questions. I’ve diplomatically conversed with other vendors to see how they have been treated. As we have built trust between us, the CEO and others have shared ongoing information that gives me clues into the history and operation of the company.

My conclusion, after more than a year of writing about the Augusta™ Gold IRA and building a relationship with Augusta Precious Metals, is that the company — though relatively young — has a high level of integrity and dedication to its customers and, at the same time, is willing to push ahead relentlessly toward success. They are hungry, which makes it much more worth my time to work with them. They also have the support of a family with more than 40 years of experience in the gold and silver business. They have received top ratings from the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance, among other certifications of their quality.

And they truly need and value my assistance, which is very important. If a client only thinks they need your writing skills, but in practice either insists on doing everything themselves or for any reason substantially hinders your work, it’s not worth your time. There are other, better, clients out there!

Augusta Precious Metals Passed My Test

As I work with clients, helping them create text to describe what they sell and why it’s a good idea to buy it, I often find myself either questioning the validity of the product or beginning to believe in it. But I try not to. As a copywriter, it’s very important for me to stay as neutral as possible. My job is to help clients “say what they mean” in a marketing context. Not make judgments or influence their decisions beyond the ability of the words to support their objectives.

On the other hand, there has to be some alignment between my own values and the values of the companies I work for. I have some lines I won’t cross. I won’t directly lie. I won’t support scams. I’ll be a ghostwriter, but if the product of our writing is being judged for a class or an individual writing award, I will refuse to help.

In most situations, my client is the boss and I will write what they need written. If I disagree with the premise, I might or might not question it, depending on the topic — always with concern for my client and his or her objectives. If I disagree with the approach or language of the marketing or p.r. piece, I always state my case to make sure my client has the benefit of my experience. But the final decision is theirs, and I try to write as they might write if they had the skills and time.

In the case of Augusta Precious Metals, the company passed my test. This has proven to be a fulfilling gig, full of fast-paced growth and association with a fine, professional group of people.

I won’t deny this positive experience and opinion of Augusta Precious Metals does influence my opinion of Augusta products.

I’m not a member of Augusta Precious Metals’ target audience, but I find myself believing in the stabilizing power of physical gold and silver in an investment portfolio — the thing I’ve been writing about for the past year. Above all, I find myself believing in the company itself and feeling fortunate fate decided to send them my way. I may have to call the sales floor one of these days as a real client.