Social media helps reinforce brand and leads to conversion

Getting the word out: okay, social media doesn’t suck.

Until recently, I must admit, I’m not sure I really believed in social media as a marketing medium. Sure, it gives us a way to reinforce our brand with certain people who already know us. Some mediums even help us gather up new followers. But, because I secretly never followed up on the leads I get personally in social media, I didn’t think anyone else would follow up on mine. Thus…many weeks and sometimes months of inactivity on my social media sites (and even this blog). Half-hearted posts at best. And here’s the kicker: it took SO much time to post that I just didn’t want to do it. Every hour I work is an hour I could be getting paid.

So, lately, things seemed to have changed. Maybe it’s just in my own mind, but here’s what seems to be happening…

1. It doesn’t take as much time to post. Case in point: this post is being typed into the Quick Draft window in my WordPress blog site.

2. Marketers are making it simple. They may be using analytics tools (which are all simpler now), but they are keeping their goals cooled to a reasonable temp. Just have a clear message and reinforce it often–preferably by showing rather than telling.

3. Analytics clearly show you what’s working and what isn’t. If you have a page on your website that serves no purpose, and you know it because analytics show no one ever goes there, take it off. If you post in a social medium that gets no responses–either try something different to get responses, or don’t waste your time there. Try some other mediums.

4. And…here’s the clincher. I was recently discovered on Facebook by Dan Nash of SixEight Agency, a UK marketer working out of Thailand who used to be the head of marketing for Napster. He hired me to write an article for famous guru Ram Dass about meditation and anxiety. You can see it here:

Anyway, for all these reasons–okay, fine–I’ll start posting again. I just need to make sure I don’t make it out to be more difficult than it is. (That would be a nice excuse to be lazy.) ;)