Kindra Foster was introduced to PCI by another satisfied Foster Writing client who knew PCI was looking for a contractor to help produce quality marketing communications pieces, both to attract new customers and to stay in front of existing ones. In particular, the company wanted a writer/editor to help fine-tune case studies and write monthly blogs. Both items would appear on the website and also be reproduced as handouts for conferences.

Kindra’s PCI client contact, Paige Miller, is marketing and communications manager — leading a small department that requires staff to wear many hats.

Monthly Blogs

Together, Paige and Kindra forged a process that quickly produces blogs on topics aligned with the company’s overall marketing goals.

Before work on each blog begins, Paige and the company sales directors decide what topics will be most useful in upcoming months, then Paige communicates the topics to Kindra.

The first step to produce a blog is a telephone conference with marketing and sales staff representatives, as well as internal subject matter experts. Kindra prepares for the conference by reading related material from Paige, then she asks questions at the teleconference, helping the team identify main points, determine themes, and organize material to fit a rough outline. In a very short time, all necessary information is gathered.

Kindra then writes the first draft using notes from the teleconference as well as additional online research. Once the draft is produced, PCI client stakeholders read the draft, request any revisions needed from Kindra, then the company produces the pieces they need.

The resulting quality and timeliness of the blogs has captured the attention of some of PCI’s most important clients – even causing one client to ask that they be included in more blog projects when the topics relate to their business. Positive client and vendor comments demonstrate that the high-quality blogs are helping PCI create a reputation as a thought leader in technology integration.

This process is a perfect example of Kindra’s proficiency in quickly understanding objectives, absorbing information and bringing diverse resources together to produce materials of a high quality with a unique capacity for reaching and inspiring target audiences to action. She is able to do this in part due to many years of working with a highly varied client list. It is possible for her to draw on past client experiences to thoroughly understand marketing objectives and tactics at hand — essential for writing messages that work the way marketing directors want them to!

“I wanted to tell you our client was so impressed by the blog we published that they called our sales director specifically to tell him.

“Not only did they say they love the blog and see it as very important for their industry right now, but they said they’d like to be involved in any related blogs we do in the future.

“I thought you’d like to know your work is accomplishing what we hoped — catching our clients’ attention and helping us establish a position as a thought leader!”

– Paige Miller by phone

Case Studies

When Kindra began working with PCI, a contingent of case studies was already in use. However, Paige felt they could be more powerful. She asked Kindra to learn about each case and then edit and/or rewrite the case study before it would be reprinted, taken to conferences and used as marketing handouts.

To write or edit PCI case studies, Kindra follows much the same process as she does with PCI blogs, first preparing for the work by reading materials provided by Paige, then asking a series of questions of Paige and subject matter experts, finally producing a first draft. Revisions are requested if needed, and PCI posts the case studies on its website as well as printing them.

The key to the quality writing and editing of case studies for PCI is Kindra’s ability to ask questions that get to the heart of the PCI client’s experience with the firm. She also draws on her broad marketing communications background and establishes a laser focus on the ultimate audience for each case study and their needs — the needs of PCI’s own potential clients.