It’s YOUR Speech. Let Us Help You Say What You Mean.

All speechwriting is ghost writing. That’s because it’s YOUR speech, and speechwriters like Kindra Foster are there simply to help you say what you mean in a way that your audience hears it the way you want them to.

Writing a speech for another person takes empathy, visualization, skill with language and the flow of ideas, and lots of patience to polish, polish and polish some more until the words flowing from your mouth to your audience’s ears are shiny, fascinating gems of wisdom that stay with them long after they leave the auditorium.

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You need someone to write speeches as if they were you – not them

Kindra Foster specializes in stepping into the shoes of her speechwriting clients to create speeches that feel like their own and resonate with their audiences. It’s a special skill that honestly isn’t easy to find. Where did this skill of Kindra’s come from?

  • Writing speeches for many top executives and politicians
  • Five years writing speeches for a Fortune 500 insurance company
  • Almost two years writing speeches for a state governor
  • Training from some of the most recognized speechwriting trainers in the industry
  • Tons of practice through speaking clubs including Toastmasters and a company speech club
  • Experience performing music and dramatic presentations in front of fickle audiences
  • A personal, heartfelt dedication to helping people express their ideas powerfully
The speechwriting process is easy, fast and fun

When you assign Kindra to write a speech for you, you’ll first share your vision with her over a cup of coffee (virtual or in person). She’ll ask you tons of questions to understand your goals and your audience. You’ll send related materials to her, and she’ll “channel you” while formulating a powerful message you can deliver with pride and confidence.

If you need a little help preparing for the speech, brushing up your delivery skills, or simply practicing and getting a little coaching in person, Kindra is there to help.

Let me help you connect with your audience at a new level.