Instant senior editor/writer on your team

I’m an award-winning senior editor/writer who’s worked with a broad array of organizations, from international institutes, universities, and government departments to corporate in-house marketing teams and agencies.

My work with many different enterprises has taught me to absorb information quickly and turn it into action-inspiring messages using communications and marketing best practices. I specialize in lengthy and complex projects no one else wants – or has time to do. I bring intellect and depth to marketing projects that creates improved audience engagement  – and a unique promotional quality to academic and institutional pieces that helps build consensus, gain support, and inspire funding.

I’m known for extreme attention to detail and thoroughness that results in crisp, powerful copy that helps organizations reach their goals.

This is how I serve my customers:

  • On-call editing superhero for editorial excellence
  • Senior editing/writing for timely, polished projects
  • Fast onboarding with little oversight & few drafts
  • Ongoing resource to increase team’s experience
  • Powerful content creation for new initiatives
  • Full copy audits to strengthen your brand
  • Language coaching to round out on-staff expertise

A few disciplines I’ve served:

  • social sciences
  • government
  • travel and tourism
  • healthcare
  • education
  • arts and humanities
  • engineering
  • law
  • construction
  • financial services

Call today to book me onto your team!

I am energized by the diversity of my list, and I’ll bring that energy and dynamic new ideas to my work for you! If your discipline or industry is not on the list, ask me. I probably have an experience we can draw on to dial in your messages and get the results you need.