The Key to Effective
Conference Proceedings:
Defining the Point

Conference notetakers often make the mistake of parroting words spoken by the speaker — instead of working to communicate the main point. It’s understandable in a way. It can take a superhuman effort to capture complex information, especially if it is scientific, political or in some other way full of facts, evidence and logical dissertations.

Kindra Foster has cultivated the skill of quickly understanding the point and articulating it in a way that makes sense to nearly any reader. Many years working with a wide variety of organizations and topics has given her deep contexts to draw on as she takes notes and writes or edits complex material.

In addition, she uses a senior marketing and p.r. background to help form proceedings into messages that resonate with important stakeholders, such as funders, research partners, legislators and media.

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Why are Conference Proceedings Important?

When your plate is full of other tasks, producing conference proceedings can feel as though it’s a “sidelines” project — you just need to get it done.

However, this publication is often the only touchpoint important stakeholders have with your organization (along with your annual report). Their impression of the proceedings will affect their willingness to contribute, fund or otherwise support what you do every day. Your proceedings book may open the door to important strategic partnerships or convince talented staff members to say yes to your offer.

On the other hand, you can’t afford to spend too much time or money on this one project. Hiring Kindra is a happy medium — hand it over to someone with a particular skill in this area and free yourself to work on other important jobs.

Ultimately, Kindra’s work behind the scenes on conference proceedings makes you look good and supports your organization’s mission with audiences that matter.

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Reach a new level of quality with Kindra on your conference proceedings team.