Bold, All-Encompassing Messaging Audits Will Change Your World

It happens pretty much without fail: a company or organization starts small and begins to produce marketing and communications materials. A few years go by and internal communications are added. There’s usually a new annual marketing campaign, but older marketing, p.r. and communications pieces are used for years because they are powerful and include the basics of your work and products (no one wants to take the time required to revamp them). Then there’s the sales flyer that was thrown together in a huge rush to meet a client’s deadline. And when you add locations and divisions, it seems impossible to get everyone on the same page when it comes to messaging…

The result? A disjointed, piecemeal image of you and your business or mission that leads prospects and constituents to question your competency. You know it’s true! You’ve probably noticed how things are getting, but who has time to carefully analyze the discrepancies, errors and lost opportunities of ALL those materials?

Answer: We can help you coordinate messaging throughout your organization

Kindra has a broad base of experience, not only in the powerful, proper use of language but also in multiple marketing and communications mediums and how they work together to persuade people they should be saying “Yes” to your pitches. She also knows enough about design to direct changes that will help pull together a fresh new look to carry your messages to the world and convince them to do business with you.

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Here’s how a messaging audit works.

In a full messaging audit, you gather up everything in your organization that has words on it or in it, from all departments, consultants and mediums. Then Kindra works with you to analyze rough spots and redirect  materials companywide to support your current marketing goals. A messaging audit can improve your reputation and even increase profit in the long run.

Kindra helps you think ahead to future years and implement specific communications practices that can save hours of time and thousands of dollars each year.

Get your audit going now, so you can look good ASAP!