Turn Research Materials into Powerful Mission-Activating Messages

Marketing directors and communications managers at academic institutions all face a common challenge: articulating complex research topics, goals and accomplishments in a way that inspires and motivates important nonacademic audiences.

Institutional messaging often positively or negatively influences funding, legislative support, the media, constituencies — even participation and backing by critical partners and counterparts in global arenas.

When overly technical annual reports, field reports, position papers and appeal letters miss the mark, they not only don’t help you fulfill your mission, they waste your efforts and budget. The opposite, overly simplistic language, can be just as devastating if savvy audiences see it as evidence of lacking knowledge, depth or finesse. Repeatedly producing unpolished articles can even damage your organization’s reputation.

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Add Marketing Power to Optimize Institutional Messaging

When traditional — and nontraditional — marketing communications tactics are applied to institutional missions and messages, it leads to better results. Working efficiently with your SMEs, Kindra leverages more than two decades of marketing writing/editing experience to inject international, national, state and local consensus-building messages with authenticity, clarity and energy.

Kindra uses marketing best practices as a framework to communicate your institution’s unique story, cut through “gov-speak,” and touch hearts and minds of stakeholders you want and need to reach. With little handholding and a no-nonsense style, she has perfected the skill of quickly understanding your institutional marketing needs, then crafting messages that help elicit the actions you seek from others.

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